Pros and Cons of Hair Growing Shampoos and Treatments

Most of us desire a full head of hair that grows evenly. However, sometimes you find yourself losing hair rather than growing it. In this set of circumstances, hair growing shampoos might be the solution. These products are made to fight hair loss and enhance growth. Though the long haired models used in the advertisements on our TVs are simply false, hair growing shampoos and treatments do really work though at a slower pace.

The most important thing one must find out however is why they are losing their hair or why it’s not growing. Here are some issues to ponder:

1. Hormonal issues-men start balding because of hereditary issues or DHT that limits production of testosterone. DHT also causes hair loss in women after pregnancy, during menopause or with use of contraceptives. Use a shampoo that contains ketoconazole to balance the hormones.

2. Fungal overgrowth- fungi is placed on our skin to protect it from germs. However too much of it prevents vitamins and other nutrients needed for growth from getting into the scalp. Use an anti-fungal shampoo to treat this issue.

3. Brittleness- regular use of dyes, relaxers and hairsprays make hair brittle and weak. Use organic shampoos to strengthen it back and try a balanced diet.

4. Poor circulation and clogged follicles- sometimes hair retardation is caused by hair follicles being blocked by oil and hence causing poor circulation. A good shampoo for this should be one that cleans up the scalp and hair well removing all dirt.

Advantages of using Hair Growing Shampoos and Treatments

1. The number one advantage of using hair growing shampoo and treatments is that they actually work. If you can pinpoint the actual cause of your hair problems and buy a shampoo that can counteract that, you will have strong, full and long hair.

2. Confidence- it really is a good feeling to comb through your beautiful long hair and know it’s all yours. Being able to style it the way you want and not worrying about shedding can be a real confidence booster.

3. Cost-no matter how expensive your hair growing shampoos and treatments are, they are still way cheaper than wigs and weaves. They are also significantly cheaper than getting hair transplants or any other hair loss solution.

4. Multi-purpose- while most normal shampoos are meant to just clean your hair or even remove dandruff, hair growing shampoos are formulated to solve serious problems related to general hair growth. They are able to regulate hormones, feed the scalp with nutrients and even treat fungal overgrowth.

5. Fast- hair growing shampoos and treatments are not an overnight wonder but you can start seeing results within weeks. The hair stops falling off and weak hair becomes strong and thicker . The length of the hair might take some time to change but eventually it does.

Disadvantages of Using Hair Growing Shampoos and Treatments

1. Side effects- some products have the right ingredients for hair growth but they also have ingredients that are harmful to your scalp. Chemicals commonly found in shampoos such as sodium lauryl sulfate are toxic and cause miniaturization of hair follicles. The strong ingredients can cause dry scalp, course hair and dandruff.

2. They are costly- hair growing shampoos are not as cheap as regular shampoos and treatments. Their special formulation makes them a little bit more costly.

3. Regular use- unlike regular shampoos that you need to use maybe once a week when washing your hair, these shampoos and treatments need to be used a bit more often for them to work. If daily is not possible then a fortnight treatment will have to do. This is a lot of work and it can be quite expensive and time consuming to wash your hair that often.

4. There are too many options when it comes to shampoos. It is hard to know which works and which doesn’t and this leaves people confused. If someone started with a bad product they lose faith in all of them.

A good product must have all the ingredients you need for hair growth such as biotin, palmetto, ketoconazole and aloe Vera. They should not have harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate. If not sure, go for organic shampoos. Dermatologists and hair specialists will always recommend the best hair growing shampoo and treatments around.