Is Minoxidil Safe

Hair loss is a common problem among a large percentage of people. Hair loss can lead to disappointment making people feel uncomfortable about themselves. Thanks to hair products and drugs such as Minoxidil, the problem of hair loss can be contained. Minoxidil is used to facilitate hair growth in both men and women. In men, it mainly used to enhance hair growth thus suppressing pattern baldness. In women, it supports hair growth by suppressing the negative effects of thinning hair.

Is Minoxidil safe? 

The answer is yes and no. The answer assumes a contradictory perspective because Minoxidil has both merits and demerits. The key merit is its power to restore one’s hair. The key demerit is the side effects it exhibits. Besides, researchers have engaged in numerous studies to find out whether Minoxidil is safe for use. Findings from the studies have indicated that Minoxidil is safe. But this conclusion is based on short term use of Minoxidil. Researchers have not yet conclusively determined it Minoxidil is safe when used on a long term basis to facilitate significant hair growth. The fact that Minoxidil presents several side effects to some extent undermines the view that it is safe. Besides, research experts suggest that it is not very effective among the female gender.

Why Minoxidil is regarded as safe

Credible sources reveal that Minoxidil is one of the pioneer hair growth products that has already received the approval of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency as being safe for use. Minoxidil hardly presents side effects when used. If the side effects are experienced, they are very minimal. This accentuates that it is safe to use for hair treatment. It decelerates the process of hair loss by decreasing the shrinking rate of hair follicles. It also yields appealing results after a given duration of time. This makes it a very effective hair growth product. Likewise, using 5% instead of 2% Minoxidil guarantees more hair growth.

Side effects of Minoxidil that make it unsafe

First, it is essential to understand that Minoxidil is not entirely unsafe for use. It becomes unsafe if it affects certain people. When this is the case, the affected individuals should desist from using it. Some of the serious side effects include:

· The rate of heartbeat becomes uneven. It can be very lethal especially if a person has a heart disease

· A sudden increase in facial and body hair.

· Manifestation of chest pain and difficulties in breathing.

· Irritation on areas where Minoxidl is applied. Irritation worsens when 5% of Minoxidil is used.

· Sudden weight gain.

· Allergic reactions can occur accompanied by itching and rashes.

· Swollen legs and hands.

Although Minoxidil is considered safe for hair growth, precautionary measures should be taken when using it. Prior to using it, it is fundamental to go through the instructions given on the product package to understand how to safely use it. The product should not be used by children and pregnant women without first seeking the advice of a medical expert. Doing so is essential in order to be sure that Minoxidil is suitable for them.