How Can You Improve Your Lost Hair to Start Dating Again?

Hair is one of the noticeable features of a person but for various reasons, you might have lost some of your hair on the head. It can be as result of family history (heredity), hormonal changes, medical condition or medications. But that does not mean your hair fades away with your confidence too. While most guys would want to date women with long beautiful hair, you can alter the look of your short hair to look cuter than ever. You don’t have to let your beauty be defined by your age or hereditary factors. You can restore your beauty by using several simple techniques.


If you’re experiencing pattern baldness, you can try using such medications as Minoxidil and Finasteride which have been approved by FDA and have minimal side effects. Surgery involving hair transplant can also help restore permanent baldness though they’re considered expensive. But if you find these options not friendly, you can try laser therapy or use wigs and hairpieces as an alternative. Getting a quality, natural looking wigs and hairpieces can help get back the amazing look you initially had, which will help you date again with confidence.