Common Types of Hair Treatment Options Used Today

There are many causes of hair loss that affect both men and women. Common factors that causes hair loss includes; medication, minerals, vitamins, chemotherapy, radiation, illness, fungus infections, aging, genetic factors and severe infection. If you are suffering from hair loss, there are several hair treatment options that can help you recover fast. One of the best hair treatment options that has been highly recommended by most specialist is platelet rich plasma therapy. This treatment option has been used for many decades and its suitable for both men and women.

How Platelet Rich Plasma works
The PRP therapy works by modifying the blood to stimulate good hair growth. It usually activates the blood vessels around the hair scalp. The doctor performing the PRP therapy normally draws blood from your body and then centrifuges it to make a PRP cocktail. once the mixture is ready, it is injected on the scalp with special series of injections that are painless.

Hair transplant or hair grafting
Hair transplant is also know as hair grafting and it is one of the best hair treatment options performed by a dermatological surgeon. Its normally dived into three grafts: a micro-graft may contain only one to two hairs per graft, a slit graft can contain between five to ten while a punch graft might carry between eleven to fifteen hairs. An anesthetic is injected into the scalp to make the patient comfortable and relaxed. Several sessions are needed in order to achieve satisfactory and fullness. After each an every session, the patient is given a healing period of three to four months before treatment is resumed.

Scalp reduction
Scalp reduction is also one of the most commonly preferred hair treatment options. The treatment involves the removal of non-hair bearing skin from the scalp area so that the reaming hair bearing skin can be easily stretched to fill in all the bald area of the head. A scalp reduction procedure can reduce more than half of the bald area. This medical procedure is normally done to cover top, side and back areas of the head.

How the scalp reduction treatment is done
The scalp area is normally injected with a local anesthetic before the bald segment is removed. The surrounding parts of the skin is then loosened so that all the sections of the hair bearing scalp are brought together and fixed with stitches. Scalp reduction can also be done with hair grafting to produce good results.