Top 5 Shampoos For Hair Growth

Hair loss and thinning is a common condition that affects many people. Fortunately, various shampoo brands are specially made to stimulate hair growth. But with the broad array of hair treatments, it can be challenging, expensive and frustrating to choose the right one. Here are the five best shampoos for hair regrowth.

Super Hair Energizer Shampoo

Super Hair Energizer is a natural shampoo that combines vitamins and herbs in curbing hair loss and thinning by promoting hair regrowth. This product has a Ferm-T complex formula that actively stimulates your scalp as it penetrates for healthy hair growth. The shampoo gets rid of clogged follicle pores, sebum, and the buildups that tend to hinder hair growth.

Since the Hair Energizer shampoos are made of natural ingredients, (including the jojoba oil) they normalize, balance and restore the health of your hair. The natural ingredients also boost the nutritional balance to make sure that your hair gets all the necessary nutrients it requires to grow well. The unique blend of roots, herbs and botanicals of the Super Hair Energizer shampoos makes them an outstanding product worth considering to use.

Regenepure DR Shampoo

Regenepure DR (Doctor Recommended) shampoo aims at handling dandruff and hair loss issues. It promotes hair regrowth right from the roots to provide an optimal hair care treatment. This shampoo contains one of the popular hair loss reducers known as ketoconazole, which is an antifungal agent that has anti-inflammatory properties. It also inhibits a testosterone byproduct that causes hair loss in men known as DHT. Regenepure DR is also made of other elements that are beneficial to the hair, such as Vitamin B6, palmetto extract and zinc oxide.

Benefits of Regenepure DR Shampoo

• Clinically proven

• Immediate results

• Ideal for dermatitis and dandruff

• Curbs hair loss and stimulates hair growth

• Nourishes the scalp, rids impurities and repairs hair roots

• Free from damaging chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

Viviscal Shampoo

This shampoo creates a healthy environment for hair regrowth by cleaning up the hair and the scalp. It works by extinguishing the dead skin cells that develop on the scalp which inhibits healthy hair growth. Viviscal shampoo has no parabens, colors or artificial fragrances. All its ingredients are natural meaning that it can target your hair and scalp regardless of the type of your hair. Some of the additional pros of this shampoo include:

• It is suitable for everyday use

• Keeps the hair healthy and strong

• Panthenol conditions the scalp

• Has a multi-fruit extract that gently exfoliates dead skin cells from your scalp

• Free from SLS and SLES

• Safe for all hair types including the damaged, fine, thin, color-treated or the dry hair

• Excellent for stimulating hair growth in both genders

Inhairit Natural Hair Growth Shampoo

The Inhairit regrowth treatment shampoo contains natural ingredients that work to promote hair growth efficiently. The natural herbs and vitamins in it allow smooth penetration into the scalp. It is unscented and offers quality and mild cleansing in a bid to promote healthy hair regrowth. It is formulated to remove the debris and sebum caused by DHT buildup on the scalp that can impede hair growth or cause premature hair loss. It allows the hair follicles to get adequate blood and nutrients, thereby reducing male baldness and female hair loss. Besides being beneficial to hair growth, Inhairit shampoo alleviates scalp itchiness and irritation and helps remove dandruff. It is recommended that you use the Inhairit shampoo two-three times a week and avoid daily usage.


Provillus is a topical solution used for hereditary hair loss. It was originally introduced as a drug for high blood pressure, but clinical studies showed hair growth was a side effect. Because it was not effective as a blood pressure medication, it was released as an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss. Provillus is the brand name for minoxidil. Originally it could be purchased only by prescription, but soon became an over-the-counter topical solution available in two strengths: regular, which is 2 percent minoxidil, and extra-strength, which is 5 percent minoxidil. Provillus is now available for men and women.

The ingredients that make these shampoos are all natural meaning that you are more likely to get positive results. If you are therefore suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, you may want to try either of the above shampoos.

…..That’s our top five, at least as of the day of this post. But we always keep our eyes open. Keep reading our top five lists for any updates.

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